I had a lot of issues with UCS on some of my customers so I had to come out with a solution for exporting and importing the contacts of the user from their client.

I used the SDK to develop 2 small applications, export.exe and import.exe. When you run the export.exe you get a BuddyList.xml in the same folder (you should be able to have write permissions there).

Running import.exe must be done with BuddyList.xml in the same folder, or it will fail.

The scripts are based on this PowerShell implementation, but with some bonuses:

  1. Does not require
    • Deployment of .dll file
    • PowerShell to be installed
    • Unrestricted execution rights for PowerShell scripts
    • Administrator access
  2. Does not duplicate contacts
  3. Does not duplicate groups
  4. The script takes into consideration the type of groups that you have:
    • DistributionGroup
    • FavoriteContacts/FrequentContacts
    • Custom created groups
  5. For distribution groups a lookup is first done to add it as a DG, not a custom group

You can download them from my OneDrive here: https://1drv.ms/f/s!ApaF5HY0Od2UhC861WCU5rqiTzum

Keep in mind that downloading random .exe files on the internet is dangerous!

If you would like to get the source code, I can provide it to you, just contact me on my email.