So I had a customer recently that wanted to update licenses on multiple users but only for Skype for Business Online. As I was researching I found out that in the web panel there is no option to that in bulk. Also there is no easy option to do in the PowerShell too. So I had to come out with a simple and fast solution so that I could enable all users only for Skype for Business Online at once. Another special requirement was to ONLY enable the Skype for Business service and ONLY for users having the E3 license assigned.

As you might know, Office 365 License has multiple services in it, so you can have an E3 user with Skype enabled and another one with Skype disabled. Gets trickier because there is not option to just ‘enable’ or ‘disable’ a service for a user (as you have the option in the admin panel clicking with your mouse user after user…). The only provided way with PowerShell is to create license options, per license, specifying which services should be disabled, by default all remaining services are deemed as enabled.

First you need to get the account sku with the following command:


You will receive a table with fist collumn AccountSkuId, you need the text before the colon, so for example mytennant365:SOME_SERVICE.

I will explain how the script works first, then you can review it yourself below.

  1. I have a .csv file called files.csv with only 1 column, with the name WindowsEmailAddress, containing the SMTP addresses of the users that need to be updated
  2. Loop trough all users and and get the licenses assigned (you can have multiple licenses assigned to a user!)
  3. Loop trough all licenses and only filter the E3 one (ENTERPRISEPACK) and get all services with their status (being disabled, enabled, etc.)
  4. Create an empty array of disabled services (options)
  5. Loop trough all services and copy only the disabled plans to the new empty array with disabled options, but SKIP the Skype for Business Online one (MCOSTANDARD).
  6. Create a service license option with the disabled services (skipping the Skype for Business Online one)
  7. Assign the newly created license options to the user
$users = Import-Csv file.csv
$users | ForEach-Object {
	$upn = $_.WindowsEmailAddress;
	$l = (Get-MsolUser -UserPrincipalName $upn).Licenses;
	$l | ForEach-Object {
		if ($_.AccountSkuId -eq "mytennant365:ENTERPRISEPACK"){
			$p = $_.ServiceStatus;
			$DisabledOptions = @()
			$p | ForEach-Object {
				if ($_.ProvisioningStatus -eq "Disabled" -and $_.ServicePlan.ServiceName -ne "MCOSTANDARD"){
					$DisabledOptions += $_.ServicePlan.ServiceName
			$x = New-MsolLicenseOptions -AccountSkuId "mytennant365:ENTERPRISEPACK" -DisabledPlans $DisabledOptions
			Set-MsolUserLicense -UserPrincipalName $upn -LicenseOptions $x;